Recycling requires a joint effort

Put succinctly: ARN is committed to car recycling – in the most sustainable way possible. That is our focus. And we do that together with all parties within the industry. ARN is the active facilitator in the chain. By joining forces, by investing and above all by contributing ideas.

Our mission, vision and targets are based on four concrete promises:


1. Partnership in recycling

Importers, car dismantling companies, collection companies, recycling companies, intermediary firms, shredder companies: we want to work intensively with all parties, on the basis of complete equality. Partnerships are essential to achieve anything within car recycling. So that we create a level playing field for all partners, based on an indisputable common interest.

We also look for collaborations beyond the chain – for example with educational institutions and research institutes  – to develop new applications in the field of recycling techniques and materials.


2. Peace of mind in waste processing

ARN works with about three hundred partners. We combine our individual strengths and facilitate good operations throughout the chain by offering support where possible, so that each partner can concentrate on their specific role. We function as a service point, supervisor and manager, so that all residual substances can be collected and processed in an environmentally responsible way. Do dismantling companies report that their storage capacity is full? When they do, we pass that on to Renewi, they ensure an environmentally responsible removal and processing of the waste. Does this regard fluids? If it does, we deploy the specialised firm GS-Recycling. Does manufacturing firm Duvano want to develop railway sleepers based on reusable plastics? If so, we will provide the raw materials and the material knowledge.

3. A level playing field

All chain partners within car recycling should be able to count on fair structures. This means without fake exports, illegal scrapping and hazardous leakage flows. We are working on a level playing field for all. Honest, reliable and transparent.

And open communication is part of that. ARN has a connecting role: we listen and share knowledge and information. We actively enter dialogue. And we do so using numerous communication resources, such as our online magazine Green Light.

“We listen and share knowledge and information. We are in constant dialogue.”


4. Investing in sustainable car recycling

ARN is actively working on sustainable car recycling. For example, by investing in innovative installations. It marks our ambition: to provide a vital contribution to the circular economy and thereby to a better, sustainable society.

Important signposts along this road are the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations. From those we have chosen five main goals we want and can contribute to:

> Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns

> Sustainable and affordable energy for all

> Promoting perpetual, sustainable economic growth and decent jobs

> Innovation and sustainable infrastructure

> Partnerships to achieve the goals


Together, the five goals form ARN’s ‘compass’ in the choices we make. This enables us to see whether our activities actually do contribute to a circular economy.

Concretely: we attain great recycling results, but at what price? How much CO2 do we emit during the processes we use to achieve these results? Can we perhaps greatly reduce the CO2 emissions by adapting the recycling performance? Can we also reduce costs in that way?

And above all: are we able to demonstrably and structurally continue to improve our results in the field of sustainability? That is where our challenge lies!


Ingrid NiessingChief Executive Officer ARN