Why ARN?




It is a major contrast: the past image of old cars dumped in a field, compared to today’s high-tech car recycling. In the Netherlands, we recycle over 98 per cent of the weight of end-of-life vehicles. These days, you could fit what is left of your old car in a shopping bag. As an expert in the field of car recycling, ARN was there since the start of this development. Stricter environmental rules and technical innovations gave vehicle recycling a major impulse.

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up to 2017

Car recycling is doing well in the Netherlands. Since 1997, the industry has managed to put 85 per cent of the total weight of all scrap cars to good use. Since 2010, long before it became compulsory in Europe in 2015, we achieved that for over 95 per cent and since 2016 even for 98.5 per cent.

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ARN's vision

ARN’s vision is future oriented. ARN aims for responsible and high-quality car recycling that
contributes to the circular economy, without damaging the natural or living environment. ARN
works together with many partners in and beyond the recycling chain. Technical innovations are
creating even more possibilities and providing increasingly higher quality reusable raw materials.

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Recycling chain overview

The car recycling chain consists of four steps: collecting the vehicle, dismantling, processing in a
shredder company and the separation of the last components in the Post Shredder Technology
plant. The residual raw materials are suitable for new applications.

Founders and stakeholders

ARN was founded in 1995 under the name ‘Auto Recycling Nederland’ by four market parties from the automotive industry in the Netherlands: BOVAG, FOCWA, RAI Vereniging and Stiba. ARN is therefore an initiative from the sector itself, not from government. With this goal: helping the Netherlands to meet European standards and to make vehicle dismantling/recycling as clean, sustainable and complete as possible.

Sustainability Report

In 2017, ARN closely scrutinises its strategy, goals and performances. With a renewed focus, we are moving towards the future of car recycling, confirmed in four promises: partnership in recycling, a level playing field, peace of mind in waste processing, and investing in sustainable car recycling.