Collection and processing: ARN helps with solutions

From fluid drainage installations to special boxes for transporting batteries: thanks to the recycling fee we can organise these issues together. ARN facilitates this process and provides practical solutions. What does ARN do to help partners as well as businesses to work well and efficiently?

Technology for car dismantling companies
ARN has had drainage installations developed for car dismantling companies. This means no fluids from an end-of-life car, such as oil or brake fluid, are lost. ARN bears the costs for the service and maintenance of the drainage installations. Other innovations can be expected in the future, such as for dismantling electric cars.

Easier to deal with registration
In order to maintain a good overview, the parts and waste materials from old cars are registered. ARN ensures the applicable ICT system works smoothly. Thereby making it clear which cars have been dismantled and where LPG tanks, tyres and fluids go, for instance.

Transport from dismantling companies to processors

Transport from
dismantling companies
to processors

ARN enters collective agreements with transporters for the transport between chain partners. This regards large transport flows from the car dismantling to the shredder and recycling companies, from the shredders to the Post Shredder Technology (PST) plant and from there to other processing companies. After the PST plant, the residual materials are given new applications elsewhere. The transport flows are also centrally organised: sometimes trucks drive with containers and at other times, transport is by ship. Oil and other fluids are transported in compartmentalised tankers from the GS-Recycling company. They collect the oil from the car dismantling companies for processing just across the German border.


ARN’s battery collection and processing system
Batteries come in all shapes and sizes. Batteries with a positive residual value (lead batteries and NiMH batteries) can often be reused. ARN is responsible for collecting and processing drive batteries with a negative residual value (Lithium-ion batteries). ARN bought special battery boxes developed for batteries that are unsafe for transport. The car dismantling companies are given advice on the best way to handle these batteries.

Training and courses
The car recycling industry is changing rapidly and that constantly demands new skills. ARN therefore organises training and courses for businesses and staff at car dismantling companies, shredder companies and other processors. ARN provides training courses on dismantling electric cars.

Legislation on car recycling and processing waste materials also changes regularly. It is important that all chain partners are aware of these changes. ARN therefore organises courses when needed and provides information resources.

Research into optimum car recycling
Car recycling keeps going further thanks to innovations; and with increasingly better results. That is also thanks in part to continuous research. For example, into the question of how recycling of a specific substance can be improved, or how CO2 emissions can be limited as far as possible. ARN collaborates with various research institutes.