What does ARN do?

Recycled materials

The raw materials that we need for our consumer goods are not unlimited available. More and more people and companies are using the possibilities of reusing materials. In this way we prevent the exhaustion of the place on which we as human beings are completely dependent: our earth.

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Collecting and processing waste materials

ARN works with many partners for collecting and processing waste materials. ARN facilitates the process and provides practical solutions: from fluid drainage installations to a special box for transporting batteries.

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Scooter Recycling Nederland (SRN)

A separate organisation has been set up for recycling mopeds and scooters: Scooter Recycling Nederland (SRN). Although ARN’s subsidiary focuses on two-wheeled vehicles, there are many similarities. SRN also works closely with the dismantling and shredder companies. The aim is to recycle as many materials as possible. SRN was established in 2011 and is a partnership between the RAI Vereniging, BOVAG and ARN.

In the Netherlands, there are about 1.1 million mopeds and scooters on the road, of which about 25,000 reach the end of their useful life each year. The recycling contribution when buying a new moped or scooter is set at €5.

SRN has a national network of collection points and dismantling companies. If you would like to register as a collection point or dismantling company, then go to SRN’s website. For those wanting to dispose of a scooter, it also contains a list of collection points.

Advice and research

The ARN specialists encourage sustainable entrepreneurship and are happy to share their knowledge and experience with others. They are experts in the field of chain management, reuse of raw materials, CSR and sustainability and advise on numerous topics, within and outside the mobility sector.



Circore is the brand name for the new products made by Duvano in Oss, using the recovered plastics and fibres and that are marketed by ARN. Duvano will also be working on the production of railway sleepers, a new way of repurposing plastics from end-of-life vehicles.

The retaining structures and other Circore products have an expected lifespan of at least fifty years. That is two to three times longer than with the use of hard wood. Circore has an extremely low CO2 footprint. This way, the last materials recovered during the recycling process are given a new purpose.

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