Registration of batteries

To make it possible for the importer to make a combined report for all batteries, ARN agreed in 2008 with Stichting Batterijen (Stibat) to use the registration system developed by Stibat: MyBatbase.

This is because in practice every single car has both a starter battery and portable mini batteries (for example in keys and tyre pressure sensors). In addition, ever growing numbers of cars are equipped with an industrial drive battery.

A single system

MyBatbase is an online reporting portal via which manufacturers can create one-off article codes for all batteries in the vehicles they place on the market. For every reporting period, these article codes can then be multiplied by the numbers of batteries actually placed on the market.

ARN reports on the starter batteries and the propulsion batteries in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Stibat is responsible for reporting on portable batteries and all other industrial batteries.

With regard to the collected waste batteries, Stibat and ARN also use the same portal myBatterybalance. Via this portal, the collectors can submit a periodic report specifying the numbers of batteries of the various types that they have collected, to which recyclers those batteries have been transported, and with what recycling percentages.