Autorecycling Nederland (ARN)

Autorecycling Nederland (ARN) is the car recycling expert. Together with 300 chain partners, we manage to recycle at least 95 per cent of the weight of end-of-life vehicles. ARN guides and facilitates that process. ARN was founded in 1995 by BOVAG, RAI Vereniging, Stiba and FOCWA.

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If you, as an entrepreneur, have a specific question about car recycling or do you want to know more about the work of ARN, then you can ask your question here.

Our location


Postbus 190
3620 AD Breukelen

De Corridor 5
3621 ZA Breukelen

T +31 (0)346 - 728 220

Who is who?

portretten medewerkers arn
Martijn Boelhouwer
Manager Communicatie; Manager Scooter Recycling Nederland 728 240LinkedIn
Rosalina Buis
Coördinator I&V 728 237
Marco van de Goor
Manager Finance en Controlling 33 66 25 09LinkedIn
sanne van haastere, arn
Sanne van Haastere
patrick heerman, arn
Patrick Heeman
robin hilhorst, arn
Robin Hilhorst
Karin van Kooij
Medewerker Binnendienst 728 223
pieter kuiper, medewerker arn
Pieter Kuiper
Senior projectleider Quality Assurance 29 56 58 00LinkedIn
marcel leuven, arn
Marcel Leuven
arjan van lienen, arn
Arjan van Lienen
rob van der linden, arn
Rob van der Linden
Accountmanager Quality Assurance 52 09 65 26LinkedIn
Janet Kes
Manager Corporate & Public Affairs; Manager Batterijen
Janet.kes@arn.nl0346 728 220 LinkedIn
Ingrid Niessing
willem nuiten, arn
Willem Nuiten
kelley-joy peijsel, medewerkster arn
Kelley-Joy Peijsel
Hector Timmers
Beleidsadviseur Quality Assurance 46 23 29 70LinkedIn
erik van der zwet slotenmaker, arn
Erik van der Zwet Slotenmaker