ARN to launch online platform Green Light

Today, ARN will be launching its new communication platform Green Light. In the Netherlands and beyond, Green Light will be the leading source of news about developments and innovations in automotive recycling.

On a daily basis, Green Light will provide a podium to all stakeholders in the automotive recycling chain, and as such will contribute to the exchange of knowledge and improved cooperation. Green Light will offer news divided across four themes that deliver a contribution to high-quality, responsible automotive recycling: Innovation, Legislation and regulations, International relations and Social developments.

Source of information about automotive recycling

Green Light will feature contributions from key individuals. For example, read an interview with Ab van Ravestein, director of the Dutch Road Transport Agency (RDW) about the challenges of establishing a watertight registration system in Europe. Ingrid Niessing talks about her ambitions as CEO of ARN. Green Light will also provide an update on the developments in LAP3 and background information on the student team that recently presented the fully recyclable car NOAH.

Green Light is aimed at managers and/or policy makers at recycling companies, in government and at automotive manufacturers. It will also be a platform for the growing group of sustainable entrepreneurs interested in using recovered materials.

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