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98.4% of every scrap car gets a useful destination

ARN has also played a pivotal role in car recycling in the Netherlands in 2018. The organisation supported its chain partners as an initiator, knowledge centre and facilitator. In our yearly ARN Sustainability Report you can read how it did this and the results it achieved. For the second year, ARN has submitted itself to the yardstick of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the motto ‘lean and green’ in mind.

Amazing achievement by the chain in 2018: 98.4 per cent
Business owners and partners in the car recycling sector, led by ARN, have succeeded in reusing no less than 98.4 per cent of the weight of end-of-life vehicles. It must be said, this is an amazing achievement. In 2018, the car recycling industry responsibly processed 216 million kilos of materials from 207,239 cars.

Full of energy in 2019. These are the focus points.
It is common knowledge that recycling is not something you do on your own. A lot needs to be done, and ARN is pleased to be taking the lead. What are the important focus points for 2019? ARN has an extensive to-do list. As part of public awareness, we are focusing more strongly on providing information about the strength of the car recycling chain and the contribution made by consumers and the business world to a circular economy – 98.4 per cent car recycling. This ranges from second use, to recycling batteries from end-of-life electric vehicles. It also involves the way these are handled by the chain, whether we know how this should be done and what it means for the sector. Naturally, we continue unabated in our pursuit of high quality recycling techniques for waste flows.

Nevertheless, the bar also continues to be high in 2019 for ARN and its chain partners.

You can find our 2018 Sustainability report here.